Bucks County Furniture, LTD

You are about to discover that fine furniture craftsmanship is still alive and well.

Each piece in our collection is built by hand just like the originals. There is a quality that is only obtained through the use of hand tools and cannot be duplicated by machines. Just as each piece is built by hand, no two are exactly alike. Our wood is all carefully hand planed and moldings are hand made with attention to detail that is difficult to tell from an original antique.

Our unique finishing system uses high solids lacquer and a special blend of stains that provide quality and durability.

Not primitive and not colonial, this furniture is reproduced from the finest museum specimens available. Many collectors of Americana antiques agree that our furniture creates a special atmosphere and substance that makes a new house look old and an old house look as it should.

We encourage you to study our collection. Take note of our design. Understand our unique way of building and finishing each piece.

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